Rapid Abrasives offers one of the most extensive stock programs on ACCESSORIES for abrasives. We offer a wide selection of Backup Pads, Mandrels, Rubber Cleaning Blocks, Pump Sleeve hardware and Graphite Rolls and much more to support all of your abrasive needs.

Backup Pads

Backup pads are a connector to the abrasive products you have chosen. Available in a variety of sizes with Velour for Velcro™, PSA for Sticky backed discs, fibre discs and more. We pride ourselves on having the tools that are used with your abrasive products.

Backup Pads large
Mandrels Unitized


Like Backup Pads many abrasives require Mandrels to use the Abrasives. Mandrels for Cartridge rolls, eyelet stars, flap wheels, spiral bands and more are available in many shapes and sizes. If you do not see it we might still have it. Call us.

Rubber Blocks

Crepe rubber blocks have been used primarily in the woodworking industry for unclogging sanding belts and discs from the woods and tars that shorten the life of your abrasive. Simply run the rubber block across the face of your abrasives while running and see the transformation of exposing new cutting action. Always use caution when cleaning belts and never remove any safety guards that are in place while using rubber blocks.



Graphite coated cloth is an important addition to your equipment that allows sanding belts to remain cooler. Sanding belts that overheat can cause joint failures and reduce the life of your belts.