Carbide Burrs – Using the correct tooth type

Carbide burrs can be found in a number of shapes and cuts to preform a number of tasks. let me tell you a little bit about them to help you make the right choice.

Single Cut

Single Cut carbide burrs are a good general purpose burr designed with a single spiral flute and is great for use on Steel, Cast Iron, Nickel and other ferrous materials. It’s cut will offer good material removal while providing a pleasant finish.

Double Cut

Double cut burrs are probably the most common burr used in metalworking applications, offering increased cutting speed and smooth operation while cutting. The increased cut is due to increased cutting surfaces from two flutes cut across each other, this is sometime referred to a diamond cut. The double cut offers an additional advantage as it will offer a smoother finish than that of single cut. These burrs are used to cut steels, cast iron, brass, nickel and other ferrous materials.

Non Ferrous Cut

Specifically developed for cutting of Aluminum, Soft Plastics and other non-ferrous metals. The single flute open cut design provides free cutting allowing a clog free tooth.


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